The Eagle Writing Center at Osbourn HIgh School enables students to tutor other students on how to write better – whether for English class assignments, or to pass the Virginia Standards of Learning test required for graduation. The dream child of teacher Trisha Vamosi, the writing center grew from a MCPSEF grant for 10 tutors and 250 sessions to now– five years later– having 40 tutors who perform over 1,000 sessions each year. The center has helped hundreds of students pass the writing SOL for graduation; improve their writing for classes; or inspire passion for the written word. After receiving grants from us for three years, the writing center became 100% funded by the school division. “Instructing students to teach others is liberating, as I see the tutors and students empowering each other through the common ground of writing,” Mrs. Vamosi said. The Eagle Writing Center has established a school culture in which writing is seen as an important part of the success of all students.