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2017 Grants Presented to Teachers

The Manassas City Public Schools Education Foundation had an exciting week last week! Members from the Board of Directors surprised teachers at Baldwin Elementary, Dean Elementary, Haydon Elementary, Metz Middle School, and Osbourn High School with a check that will fund innovative projects and programs.

The Education Foundation is proud to give over $56,000 to support robotics programs at all MCPS schools, engineering summer camps, new equipment that will support learning through movement at Baldwin Elementary, Bikeology for Fitness at Metz Middle School, expansion of the Eagle Writing Center at Osbourn High School.

The Foundation also contributed to the Haydon Running Club so students can complete a 5K in the spring.  Awarding teacher grants is always a rewarding experience for members of the Education Foundation as they work so hard to raise funds in order to give it back to teachers who want to create experiences for their students that will impact all areas of their lives.

Board Members located in pictures:

  • Radkiha Bajaj, Bookworm Central
  • Katy Keegan, Executive Director
  • Zuzana Steen, Micron
  • Sarah Lieu, Apple Federal Credit Union

Additional people in photos:

FIRST Robotics:

  • Paul Steiner, CTE Administrator at Osbourn High School
  • Erin Stanton, Teacher at OHS
  • Susan McNamara, K-12 CTE Supervisor
  • Students from FIRST Robotics Team

Eagle Writing Center Group:

  • Cathy Benner, Principal of OHS
  • Ian Lovejoy, City Council Member
  • Tracy Misero, Teacher at OHS
  • Luz Kresge, Reading Interventionist at OHS

Eagle Writing Center teachers:

  • Tracy Misero and Trish Vamosi, teachers at OHS

Dean group:

  • Sarah Emerson, SWIFT
  • Tyler Faria, Assistant Principal
  • Dr. Zella Jones, Principal
  • Kate Green, Instructional Technology Training Specialist


  • Kate Green

Learning Through Movement

  • Stacy Armstrong, Assistant Principal
  • Melissa Baker, Math Coach

Metz Robotics

  • Leonard Newman, teacher at Metz
  • Sarah Emerson, SWIFT
  • Kim Buckheit, Principal
  • Gabrielle Law, student

Haydon Running Club

  • Bethany Farrell, teacher at Haydon


Bikeology for Fitness

  • Ronda Brown, PE teacher
  • Kim Buckheit, Principal of Metz

Engineering and Coding Camps/ First Lego League/ VEX IQ Robotics

  • Carol Murphy, K-12 Science Content Specialist
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